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Parent Guidance for your child with Reading Disabilities


Having a child with a learning difference can be an incredible journey and at the same time extremely challenging and one can feel very alone in the process. I provide support and guidance for parents of children with language-based learning disabilities, including dyslexia, so that you can navigate the special education world and your child can thrive. My job is to empower you so that your child can thrive! I provide support to parents by offering:



  • Help you understand your child’s learning profile (so that you have the tools to advocate for your child.)

  • Review and ‘translate’ your child's records and test results into user-friendly language

  • Review your child's Individualized Education Program (IEP) 

  • Evaluate previous educational assessments and provide feedback

  • Make educational assessment recommendations to parents as part of the school evaluation process

  • Guide you to effectively communicate with schools and specialists to get your child the services they need.

  • Assist you in forming a team with your child’s school



  • Conduct formative, literacy assessments in the areas of reading, spelling and writing


Referrals (as needed)

  • Provide referrals to tutors, specialists, neuropsychologists, and advocates.


How I work: 

  1. Initial consultation, virtual or in person (30 minutes, Free)

  2. Review testing/summary report (if there is testing) 

  3. Identification of next steps 

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